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    • Feed attractant peptide

    •  Main Ingredient: Glycin, Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide, Citric acid, amino acids derivatives(non-GABA),  ect.
      Character: The main ingredient of this product is a kind of non-protein amino acid, which is considered to be the inhibitory neurotransmitter. It can regulate hypothalamus, hypophysis and special glands  to increase feed intake and absorbability. All of ingredients are low-molecular-weight nutrients, thereby to be metabolized quickly without residues, and used in every period of animal`s growth.
      1. Enhance animal`s feed intake after use it 4 days by adjusting central nervous system to stimulate appetite.
      2. Increase inhibitory neurotransmitter concentrations, quiet animals and improve anti-stress capability.
      3. Overcome animal anorexia and slow growth, solve adverse reactions such as animal picky completely.
      4. Induce the appetite and promote early weaning of piglets.
      5. Increase animal`s dependencies on feed. Reduce feed intake with discontinuation.
      Usage and dosage(g/ton):
      piglet: 150     growth and fattening pig: 100     poultry: 100
      Package: 25kg/barrel
      Storage: keep in dry, shady and cool place
      Expiry: 24 months
      After service: For product performance and processing, mixed quantitative processing technology, feed and effective ingredients of this product analysis, the company will do our best to provide professional technical services.
    • 2011/3/4
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