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      Main Ingredient: Lysophosphatidylcholine(LPC), lipase, special surfactants, excipient.
      Effective ingredients concentration:
      Solid:    phospholipid ≥ 35%  moisture ≤ 10%
      Liquid:  phospholipid ≥ 20%  moisture ≤ 2%
      1. Solid: Tasteless or slightly specific smell, light yellow to flaxen liquidity powder, slightly soluble in water,easy to be mixed with any feed ingredients.
      2. Liquid: Peculiar smell, yellow to dark yellow liquid,good liquidity;dissolves in grease easily.
      1. Effectively increase the utilization rate of grease by 20-30% and reduce grease consumption by 10-20%.
      2. Promote fat-soluble vitamins (VA, VD, VE, VK) absorption.
      3. Reduce incidence rate of digestive disorders such as diarrhea and enteritis because of more adipose indigestion.
      4. Improve carcass slaughter rate and whole net eviscerated rate by 2.5—3%, reduce feed conversion by 13—18%.
      Usage and dosage(g/ton):
      porket and piglet: 300—400      growth and fattening pig: 250—350     sow: 250—300
      Meat poultry: 250—300   layer: 200—250   ruminant: 250—350  aquaculture: 500—600
      Solid :25kg/barrel
      Liquid : 20kg/barrel, 180kg/barrel (plastic barrel)
      Storage: keep in dry, shady and cool place
      Expiry: 12 months
      After service: For product performance and processing, mixed quantitative processing technology, feed and effective ingredients of this product analysis, the company will do our best to provide professional technical services.


    • 2011/3/4
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